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Dante Rivera
Class 3
Aantal berichten : 812

Character Profile
Alias: Morbid
Age: 17
Occupation: Drugdealer
BerichtOnderwerp: Source Code   vr apr 07, 2017 10:08 pm


Reagan {CS}
Sepp {CS}
Noctem {CS}

Rayan {CS}
Dante {CS}
Charlie {CS}

Clyde {CS}
Sverrir {CS}
Marshall {CS}

Howard {CS}
Amadéo {CS}
Frej {CS}
Jayson {CS}
Kai {CS}
Kyrylo {CS}
Maurim {CS}
Raeen {CS}
Roran {CS}
Skye {CS}
Sullivan {CS}

Jacob {CS}


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Dante Rivera
Class 3
Aantal berichten : 812

Character Profile
Alias: Morbid
Age: 17
Occupation: Drugdealer
BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Source Code   za apr 08, 2017 1:48 am

Topics @ Genosha

{welcome to the jungle bitch} ft. Lucille
{tic tac boom} ft. Esther & Christian
{this is a call to arms} ft. Adrian
{one man can change the world} ft. Adrian
{420 blaze it} ft. smokers
{die hard} ft. Jackie
{in family we trust… kinda} ft. Adrian
{cool for the summer} ft. Samantha
{gotcha} ft. Samantha & Aly & Adrian
{goddamn innocents} ft. Jackie
{i’m not drunk!} ft. Samantha
{i got the remedy} ft. Ziva
{nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling} ft. Lorise
{it’s too cold outside} ft. Aly
{death is a certainty, it’s growing near} ft. Die Hard
{spacebound} ft. Esther & Aly
{about those pretty faces} ft. Faye
{saving butterflies} ft. Araluen
{these emotions are killing me inside} ft. Aiden
{italian meetup} ft. Serena
{it’s me again} ft. Samantha
{girls just wanna have fun} ft. Faye
{entertainment} ft. Jackie
{rise to power} ft. Die Hard
other topics
{casual texting} ft. Aly
{number from the skatepark} ft. Jackie
{night time, my time} ft. Cecilia
{who’s this Dante guy?} ft. Serena
{maybe you’re my kind of welcome gift} ft. Faye

{spinning around in zero gravity} ft. Damian
{i enjoy the pain you feel when i’m burning your skin} ft. Avery
{invincible} ft. Damian
{take me into your loving arms} ft. Damian
{rocking’ around the christmas tree} ft. Damian
{someone’s watching over me} ft. Damian
{so we meet again} ft. Lydia & Charlie (peacekeeper intervention)
{everyone always knew that I was the hot one} ft. Aurélia & Aly (peacekeeper intervention)
{i’m not sorry} ft. Lydia
{gym lesson: gather the troops!} ft. Class
{overdose} ft. Jayson & Aly (peacekeeper intervention)
{surfing class: wave after wave} ft. Class
{i had that one coming} ft. Faye
{this house no longer feels like home} ft. Valkyrie
{ain’t nothing but a troublemaker} ft. Katerzyna
{almost is never enough} ft. Charlie & Adelyn (peacekeeper intervention)
{never really felt bad about it} ft. Katerzyna & Alex
{oh golly, are you trapped?} ft. Octavia & Valkyrie (peacekeeper intervention)
{don’t be a fool to believe i won’t hurt you} ft. Storm & Devon (peacekeeper intervention)
{there’s no coming back from this} ft. Group
{if nothing goes right, go left} ft. Nadya & Devon
{the aftermath} ft. Damian
{i’m too far from my faith to rely on a god} ft. Storm
{the old me is dead and gone} ft. Mia
{gym lesson: bubble up!} ft. Class
{you need someone to lean on} ft. Mattheüs & Judas
{tell me it’s gonna be allright} ft. Zahra
{fear is a disease} ft. Damian
{gym lesson: tag, you’re out!} ft. Class
{we can’t change what we are} ft. Rune

{don’t you dare laugh at me, bitch!} ft. Aly & Valerie
{tell me why i’m here please} ft. Valerie
{room 12: for russians only} ft. Aleksey
{living but not alive} ft. Jean & Bella
{could it be worse?} ft. Jamie
{who will fix me now?} ft. Aleksey
{russian gang ftw!} ft. Diana & Anna
{baby it’s cold outside} ft. Group
{for the lies i make, i’m going to hell} ft. Amber
{sick? me? naah} ft. Kelsey
{and this is the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart} ft. Grace
{research is more fun with two} ft. Arianna
{let’s play in the cold} ft. Kelsey
{i don’t really wanna know what’s good for me} ft. Amber
{mad world} ft. Aleksey
{you think you’re cooler than me} ft. Melody
{let me love you like a friend} ft. Grace
{let them run wild and free} ft. Jackie
{i can show you the world} ft. Arianna
{no one wants to dig that deep} ft. Raphael
{i don’t know how long i can take this} ft. Grace
{no church in the wild} ft. Amadéo
{no church in the wild: part II} ft. Amadéo & Grace
{you and me forever, god forgive us} ft. Grace
{happy birthday to the snowqueen} ft. Group
{birthday gift} ft. Conor
{not a bad thing} ft. Lydia
{and you appear just like a dream to me} ft. Arianna
other topics
{AU: we’re not used to losing} ft. Group
{future: can we pretend that airplanes in the nightsky are like shooting stars} ft. Grace

{but tell ‘em winning is my motherfuckin’ protocol} ft. Amber
{i am a soldier on my own} ft. Amber
{to love is to destroy} ft. Valerie
{soldier to my own cause} ft. Kate
{it’s not ‘cause i’m young or from a broken home} ft. Amber
{humans judge, bugs won’t} ft. Grace
{isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful?} ft. Lorise
{no, i’m not stealing from you} ft. Grace
{battle royale} ft. Amber
{loveless} ft. Lorise
{exit wounds} ft. Sierra
{it’s just a spider} ft. Lydia & Grace
{the art of letting go} ft. Amber
{out of the human world} ft. Adelyn
{on the runk} ft. Kate
{no, i can’t figure you out} ft. Grace
{so we meet again?} ft. Lydia & Clyde
{i know how it goes from wrong and right} ft. Lorise
{gym lesson: gather the troops!} ft. Class
{dark sky paradise} ft. Max & Salina
{i’ll be needing stitches} ft. Lorise
{in my recovery} ft. Grace
{almost is never enough} ft. Lorise
{earth is cruelest to the weak} ft. Daphne
{i’m strong but now and then i’ll lose myself} ft. Adelyn
{go hard or go home} ft. Kate
{no more} ft. Lorise
{fooling around with feelings} ft. Lorise & Judas
{did your arrows shoot a happy ending for us both?} ft. Lorise & Storm
{doomed} ft. Devon & Storm
{rally the troops} ft. Mattheüs
{gym lesson: tag, you’re out!} ft. Class
{room 20: Charlie & Lorise} ft. Lorise
{you will see me thrive} ft. Lawrence

{knowledge is power} ft. Lawrence
{revenge is a bloody thing} ft. Lawrence
{funeral march} closed
{don’t play with me} ft. Dahlia
{no church in the wild} ft. Maurim
{it’s the call of the wild} ft. Grace
{no church in the wild: part II} ft. Maurim & Grace
{it’s do or die} ft. Jean
{the king, the god & the muze} ft. Dahlia & Lorise
{the eulogy} ft. Lawrence
{we’ll take it all} ft. Aly
{all dressed up and naked} ft. Vincent
{let there be fire} ft. Amy
{swimming through the stars} ft. Peggy
{don’t be so shy} ft. Faye
{evolve, learn, fight} ft. Class
{happy to see me?} ft. Amy
{PLOT: for the lord knows those who are his} ft. Chosen Mutants
{PLOT: the cause is hidden, but the result is well known} ft. Chosen Mutants

{i know you hate it when you see me shitting on that wannabe me} ft. Azura
{dangerous} ft. Salina
{palace} ft. Esther & Christian
{so don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable} ft. Azura
{mixtape} Closed
{into the woods} ft. William
{i could die now, rebirth motherfucker} ft. Max
{go get some} ft. Salina
{420 blaze it} ft. Smokers
{get lit} ft. Nikita
{overdose} ft. Aly & Clyde
{be careful making wishes in the dark} ft. Salina
{you can’t be sure} ft. Salina & Nikita
{?? this is awkward} ft. Lydia
{it’s irresistible} ft. Salina
{puff puff pass} ft. Nia
{poor life choices} ft. Dominic

{roomtopic} ft. Aislin
{420 blaze it} ft. Smokers
{altered ego} ft. Sean
{we could go skyhigh or oceandeep} ft. Delia
{it’s quiet company} ft. Grace
{the original high} ft. Group
{lost cause} ft. Quinn
{campfire night} ft. Group
other topics
{Firestone} ft. Delia

{tribal gangs} ft. Finn
{up, up and away} ft. Lotus & Finn
{coming through!} ft. Finn
{the king of hide and seek} ft. None yet
other topics

{midnight munchies} ft. Connor
{everything and nothing always haunts me} ft. Cecilia
{the daily diet} ft. Vasilisa
{higher} ft. Valentina
{the secret is to be unpredictable} ft. Kellin
{cold, colder, coldest} ft. Frankie & Cecilia
{what’s going on between us? i lost track} ft. Cecilia
{even the dead have a heart, it’s just not beating anymore} ft. Vasilisa
{immortal meets champion} ft. Arco
{goodbyes are not forever} ft. Jadeline
{rise to power} ft. Die Hard

{all we need is somebody to lean on} ft. Grace & Shay
{the badass trio} ft. Shay & Brooke
{real quality time} ft. Brooke
{new spectators} ft. Eloise
{you act like the world owes you a favour} ft. Alex
{electricity and water} ft. Eloise
{halloweenparty} ft. Group
{the ocean swears it won’t be easy} ft. Calvin
{power napping gone wrong} ft. Eloise
{it’s a revolution I suppose} ft. Topaz & Howard
{you charge me up like electricity} ft. Eloise
{when hell seems one step closer than heaven} ft. Eloise
other topics
{[:} ft. Brooke

{poolbears} ft. Kylie
{room 8: ice & fire} ft. Wyatt
{ice ice baby} ft. Samantha
{lost little boy} ft. Mia
{hold tight, it’s a wild world} ft. Rose & Eros & Mia

{murphy’s law} ft. Jamie
{lesson 1: newton’s law} ft. Class
{there's no coming back from this} ft. Group
{it’s a revolution i suppose} ft. Topaz & Marshall
{PLOT: behind enemy lines} ft. Ethan & Mira
{PLOT: staff announcement} ft. Students

{i guess every superhero needs his theme music} ft. Dahlia
{i was born this way} ft. Kira
{unfortunately unfortunate} ft. Daphne
{is it too late now to say sorry?} ft. Daphne
{not your average spy} ft. Allison
{all eyes on who?} ft. Dylan
{keep calm and wait for a zombie apocalypse} ft. Salina & Jamie
{gym lesson: bubble up!} ft. Class
{room 34: Sullivan & Sebastian} ft. Sebastian
{the world is a jungle} ft. Dahlia
{PLOT: warzone} ft. Aysa & Dario
other topics
{Future: it’s bond, Phoebe, Emmet and Diana Bond} ft. Dahlia & Daphne

{bottom of the bottle} ft. Cas
{started from the bottom, now we’re here} ft. Cas
{detox} ft. Denni
{puppy cuddles} ft. Cas
{no regrets, do you know what that means?} ft. Cas
other topics
{you lost something} ft. Samantha

{will i ever understand it?} ft. Valkyrie
{familiar faces} ft. Jupiter
{when the impossible turns out to be possible} ft. Gahiji
{two halves of a whole idiot} ft. Marcus
{take your time to realise} ft. Valkyrie
{the silence is like a loaded gun} ft. Jupiter
{don’t shoot the messenger} ft. Jupiter
{everything is lonely, like everybody else} ft. Lawrence

{turn into gold and then into dust} ft. Peggy
{what happens at my birthday party, stays at my birthday party} ft. Group
{time for a healthy snack} ft. Arabella
{rescue ranger} ft. Aislin
{day & night} ft. Blake
{let it all out} ft. Lorelei

{oh no} ft. Jensen
{campfire night} ft. Group
{seduce my mind and you can have my body} ft. Lorise
{fair is fool and fool is fair} ft. Estella
{antidote} ft. Jackie
{will you join me?} ft. Nikita
{you and me is more than lonely nights} ft. Hati
{rhaeyan it is} ft. Rhaegys
{‘till it hurts} ft. Shay
{don’t shoot me with your arrows} ft. Lorise & Lydia
{tonight i wanna show you off} ft. Marilyn
{i’d live like never before} ft. Rhys
{oh girl} ft. Sareth
{a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet} ft. Milo
{if you can’t wake up from the nightmare, maybe you’re not asleep} ft. Zahra
{wires} ft. Zahra
other topics
{cupid business} ft. Lorise
{slide into yo dm’s} ft. Sareth
{AU: ride} ft. Sareth & Sarina & Frej

{chasing the dragon} ft. Sarina
{withdrawal} ft. Denni
{there is no path to peace} ft. Octavia
{trapped} ft. Victor
other topics
{AU: ride} ft. Sareth & Sarina & Rayan

{one day} ft. Raven
{avalanche} ft. Brimstone
{half light} ft. Julie


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Dante Rivera
Class 3
Aantal berichten : 812

Character Profile
Alias: Morbid
Age: 17
Occupation: Drugdealer
BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Source Code   zo apr 09, 2017 12:16 am


{Adrian} [family] we’ve been through a lot, but it only proves our bond is strong.
{Aly} [family] I can count on you and you can count on me.
{Christian} [family] you’re like a brother to me.
{Jackie} [best friends] you made me strong again.
{Samantha} [best friends] you never fail to make my day.
{Faye} [crush] you gave my excistence a purpose.
{Aiden} [roommate] we could be friends for sure.

{Damian} [uncertain] I need to fix myself before I can fix this, I’m sorry.
{Devon} [influence] thank you for saving my life.
{Storm} [influence] you changed the way I think about the future.
{Nadya} [influence] I can't hate you for what you've done, but I can’t forgive you either.
{Mia} [influence] you fixed more than just my body.

{Aleksey} [best friends] you're the best friend anyone could have.
{Grace} [crush] I'm starting to like you more and more...
{Arianna} [best friends] you make me feel safe and I care a lot about you.
{Raphael} [acquaintance] you're funny and somehow adorable #nohomo.
{Valerie} [acquaintance] I'm glad I could help you out.
{Aly} [uncertain] you just kinda scared me.
{Jackie} [acquaintance] if you're nice to Grace, I'd like to get to know you better.
{Aurélia} [acquaintance] you were quite overwhelming, but I wouldn't mind talking to you again.
{Amadéo} [uncertain] you scared me but I don’t think you’re a bad person.

{Amber} [uncertain] even tho I hate you, I could count on you.. I'm not even supposed to tho.
{Grace} [uncertain] we’ve hurt each other in the past, but I hope we can leave that behind us now.
{Kate} [friends] you’re annoying, but I kinda like your company. guess you’re lucky.
{Lydia} [enemy] don’t even get me started.
{Lorise} [lover] we’ve had a rough start, but I love you with my whole heart and that won’t ever change.
{Max} [best friends] after our little collab, I respect you and your work.
{Salina} [crush] let me put it this way; if you could stop being so annoying, that would be great.
{Judas} [uncertain] don’t you dare hurt her again.
{Devon} [friends] you care a lot about your friends and I respect you for that.
{Storm} [friends] your intentions are pure and that’s important to me.

{Lawrence} [acquaintance] you just tried to protect yourself, no hard feelings.
{Dahlia} [enemy] one day I will get my revenge.
{Maurim} [enemy] your existence makes me sick.
{Grace} [enemy] you got what you wanted.
{Faye} [acquaintance] I’d let you be my bèta.
{Amy} [acquaintance] you made an impression and caught my attention for sure.

{Azura} [enemy] stay in the past, where you belong.
{Sean} [family] bruh bruh.
{Salina} [crush] I won't ever admit it, but you make my heart beat faster in more than one way.
{Aly} [influence] you saved more than just my life.
{Max} [enemy] I would kill you if I had the chance.
{Dominic} [just met] just take a chill pill your honor.

{Aislin} [best friends] you keep me in balance.
{Sean} [acquaintance] your pranks are on point.

{Finn} [family] you're my brother and my best friend.

{Cecilia} [lover] I’d spend my eternity with you… hold up we can actually do that.
{Vasilisa} [enemy] hating you is in my blood, moroi.
{Frankie} [acquaintance] our one night stand almost ruined my relationship.

{Brooke} [family] you’re so strong and I admire you for that.
{Shay} [family] you light up a room when you walk in.
{Eloise} [lover] you’re my favourite pokémon, I’d use my masterball on you.
{Howard} [friends] you’re crazy but I would trust you if I had to.
{Tobias} [friends] you deserve so much better.

{Wyatt} [roommate] you’re great to hang out with.
{Mia} [friends] I’m so glad you decided to help me.
{Tobias} [acquaintance] if Mia trusts you, I trust you too.
{Rosalie} [acquaintance] you seem like a cool person.
{Eros} [uncertain] you can punch pretty hard tho.

{Jamie} [friends] I admire your science work and you’re great company.
{Ethan} [friends] you keep me focused at just the right times.
{Tobias} [acquaintance] I’m glad we found you in time.
{Marshall} [acquaintance] you’re reckless but really smart. you should become a science teacher!
{Mira} [enemy] you set us up, you’re a traitor to our kind.

{Allison} [acquaintance] thanks for showing me some pretty cool spots in the school building.
{Sebastian} [roommate] there’s something about you I can’t figure out.
{Dahlia} [crush] I would give my life for you.
{Daphne} [friends] you’re a great psychiatrist.
{Salina} [acquaintance] you got some serious combat skills.

{Cas} [crush] you remind me a lot of a little puppy, you’re so adorable.

{Jupiter} [family] words can’t describe how much I love you.
{Valkyrie} [crush] I remember how we used to be.
{Marcus} [family] the second half of the whole idiot.
{Lawrence} [love rival] I won’t let you stand in my way.

{Arabella} [acquaintance] I really enjoyed our conversation.
{Lorelei} [acquaintance] I’m worried about you tbh.
{Aislin} [acquaintance] if you need another rescue, just give me a call.

{Zahra} [crush] I don’t even know how but I’m madly attracted to you.
{Sareth} [best friends] how do people like you even exist holy fuck!!!
{Lorise} [acquaintance] 8/10.
{Estella} [acquaintance] 7,5/10.
{Jackie} [acquaintance] 8/10.
{Hati} [acquaintance] 9/10.
{Rhaegys} [acquaintance] 8/10.
{Shay} [acquaintance] 7/10.
{Lydia} [acquaintance] 6/10.
{Marilyn} [acquaintance] 6/10.
{Rhys} [acquaintance] 9/10.
{Milo} [acquaintance] 8/10.

{Sarina} [friends] let’s go on another adventure soon.
{Victor} [acquaintance] I hope you know what you’re doing doc.

{Raven} [family] will we ever have a sincere sibling relationship?
{Brimstone} [crush] they told me to follow my dreams, so I hope you don’t mind I’ll follow you from now on.
{Julie} [acquaintance] you know how to make things interesting.

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Dante Rivera
Class 3
Aantal berichten : 812

Character Profile
Alias: Morbid
Age: 17
Occupation: Drugdealer
BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Source Code   vr jan 05, 2018 4:55 pm

Topics @ Sundberg

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